Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network
A partnership of the Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium and the Vasculitis Foundation

Hear from our Co-Principal Investigator, George Casey, about how the V-PPRN will transform vasculitis research.

We are patients, researchers, clinicians, advocates, and family members all working to improve healthcare for patients with vasculitis through high-quality clinical research.

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tabletThe Challenge

All the different types of vasculitis are rare diseases - this makes it especially hard to do research because it is difficult to find enough patients for research studies, patients are spread out geographically, and it is hard to get health information from physicians to researchers.

puzzleThe Solution

Vasculitis is rare but vasculitis research doesn't have to be! The V-PPRN will enroll more patients than ever studied in the past, from all parts of the country, and collect data on-line to break down barriers and involve patients in the research process so health information is easily shared with researchers.

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Who Can Join the V-PPRN?

You can join the V-PPRN if:

  • You are a patient with vasculitis

  • You are the parent of a child with vasculitis

  • You are the caregiver of an adult patient with vasculitis

  • You have regular access to the Internet

  • A strong English proficiency. The V-PPRN forms are currently provided in English and require a strong English proficiency.

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Join the Network

As a patient, you will be a partner with investigators and clinicians in research and care.

You contribute your disease experience by providing patient-reported data as well as electronic health data.

Together, we are making vasculitis research happen now!

Better studies, better treatments, because of you!

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Become part of our Research > Join The Network!